I go on a 4 day trip with my own teaching assistant (TRUE STORY)


One cold, icy, winters morning Olivia and  mam and dad are going on   a trip to a loge in  wooler. It takes a about a hour in the car. All of a sudden there is a knock at the door. “Hello Mrs Blench what are you doing here?” asked Olivia.

“We heard that you are going on a trip.” replied Mrs Blench.

“Eh dad were are we going”? asked olivia

“To a loge” replied dad.

“Hello Mrs bleach and Michel do you want the pictures of the loge”?  said dad

“yes” said Mrs Blench

“We are going on December 30th 2013″















At the weekend…


hi iI’m so exited for Saturday  because my mam and dad are at work and I might be at my brother kennies if not I will be with my other brother Ronnie I can’t wait.

by leilani

Good work



i like school at the Minute because we are learning about Egypt and watching a film about Egypt and learning about lots of interesting stuff and I am really enjoying it


by kate

A little story about Totankanmoon


Tutakhamun was an eygiptian king and he was king at 7 years old  and his queen is his sister!!!(O

Leilani’s real post!


Hi its L H-M I’ve came home and I’m watching tv . I done maths at school what I enjoyed a lot I’m realy happy that its school tomorrow. I can’t wait to learn and play with my friends.

nearly my birthday


Only 8 days for my birthday. I am so excited. I hope I get good presents.


Callum fo

My day


 My day was not a good day because someone was being mean to me. The rest of my day was good because I had fun. I did not have P.E because the coaches were not here today.





Hi  I’m Olivia and I was the VIP and I got it on my birthday It was MINT!!!! I hope I get it this week because I have 5 class dojos and Anna has 7.We are in the lead!(I hope ha)





my birhtday


Tomorrow  its my birthday and I am bringing a cake that serves 40 people I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


my mams birthday


on wednesday I went pumpkin carvin with my friends then we took them home. Then me my mam dad carrigan dan and my granda we all went to a restraunt caulled sabitines the food there was devine. when evry one had fineshed there meals we went home and had some cake my mam made the cake it was delicious.

by jodie

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