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We are class 4ST at Walkergate Primary School, in Newcastle upon Tyne. Our school has recently been rebuilt – that is, the old building got knocked down and a new one was built right next to where the old one used to be. We have about 500 children in the school and of those about 75 are in Year 4. In our class there are 24 children, who all love to learn new things.


Every week in 4ST we choose our V.I.P (Very Independent Person) based on the child who has earned the most stars during the week. The V.I.P is entitled to go to the front of any queue, dinner, playtime etc, does not have to line up with the other children, and can use the computers whenever they feel the need. This person has earned the trust of the teachers and can be relied upon to work independently no matter what.


  • #1 written by Rio  3 years ago

    mr stok i hope jamie gets the golden tikt

  • #2 written by rio  3 years ago

    to mace the clas beter is more riton

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